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Nowadays with modern battery technology, trolleybuses can handle shorter or longer stretches of their routes without overhead wires with practically the same quality of mobility as they do the ones with overhead wires. Thanks to LibroDuct there can also be “a lot” of such off-wire stretches, since there are practically no restrictions on where wire contacting and disconnection can take place.

Flexible deployment

When there are delays, drivers have the flexibility to shorten scheduled stationary periods, instead of creating bottlenecks in operational planning, as is the case with opportunity charging.

Economical to implement and operate

With the use of LibroDuct, the overhead wires can be limited to cost-effective main routes or even just a few bus stops and uphill climbs requiring more power. If there are historically protected sites to traverse or the route passes in front of historical buildings, the overhead wire installation may be interrupted for aesthetic reasons. As the trolleybus reaches the site it can disconnect from its wires, continue off-wire through the site, and on the other side make contact with wires once again.

Highly responsive to route disruptions

Also last-minute routing changes – as happens with accidents or road work – can be handled by trolleybuses using LibroDuct, flexibly and problem-free, with autonomous wire contacting and disconnection.

Safe in traffic

No retrievers: dewirement is likewise recognized using software, and in this case the dewired pole is immediately brought into a safe position using the powerful actuators responsible for pole guidance. Utmost care is taken to avoid collision with the overhead wires, the other pole, or other obstacles. This makes our approach greatly superior to mechanical retrievers or pneumatic solutions.

Patented worldwide

In Russia, USA, Japan, China, and Europe, patent authorities, following extensive examination procedures, have all issued their respective patents for the LibroDuct core technology. Moreover, applications for further patents for the component technologies are pending.

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